Augmented and predictive analytics features

Put AI-powered analytics in the hands of every business user, no data science training required – with the augmented analytics capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud

Gain deep insights in less time with SAP augmented analytics software

With SAP Analytics Cloud, your business intelligence and enterprise planning workflows are augmented with powerful AI and machine learning technology. Smart, automated analytics workflows and natural language processing make it possible for your entire team – not just data scientists – to quickly uncover deep insights and make confident data-driven decisions.

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Conversational analytics

Ask questions just like you would in a normal conversation – and get instant answers explained in natural language.

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Automated machine learning

Use self-service machine learning models to automatically reveal insights and spot hidden relationships in your data.

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Intelligent predictive analytics

Automate sophisticated predictive analysis with machine learning algorithms – and predict outcomes and generate forecasts with a click.


Explore SAP Analytics Cloud augmented analytics features – from natural language processing to AI-powered data discovery, analysis, visualization, and prediction. Embedded in SAP Analytics Cloud’s BI and planning workflows, the features democratize analytics and help everyone go from insight to action in a fraction of the time.

Search to Insight: Natural language processing and query

The Search to Insight feature lets you chat with your data using conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP). With natural language query (NLQ), you can search and analyze your data by asking questions – just like you would with a search engine or digital personal assistant. No knowledge of query languages like SQL, R, or Python is required. Get insightful answers to your questions immediately with best practice visualization tailored for your needs.

Smart Insights: Instant context and explanation

The Smart Insights feature lets you dig deeper into your data visualizations without manual effort. With a click, you can reveal the top contributors behind values or variances, understand the factors contributing to your KPIs, and more. Sophisticated algorithms run on the fly to suggest additional visualizations you may want to add to your data story – along with text explanations and context generated in natural language.

Smart Discovery: Automated insights and data storytelling

With the Smart Discovery feature, you can use automated machine learning models to reveal relationships and hidden patterns in a specific dataset – without the help of a data scientist and without human bias. Automatically generate data visualizations and comprehensive, up to four-page data stories that surface important insights, including trends, key influencers and outliers, and enable interactive what-if simulation.

Smart Predict: One-click predictive analytics tools

With the Smart Predict feature, you can predict outcomes and generate forecasts with the push of a button. Use three types of machine learning algorithms – classification, regression, and time-series analysis – to automate sophisticated predictive analysis and augment your BI experience with more data and insight. Predictive planning enabled from the seamless integration of time-series forecasting and planning let users build more accurate and detailed business plans, faster, and with more efficiency

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