SAP Data Warehouse Cloud integrated with SAP HANA Data Lake

This Blog describes the capabilities of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to interact, operate and access SQL artefacts on the SAP HANA Data Lake.

The scenario is supporting to loading and processing mass data from different sources incl. S3 buckets from different on-premises and cloud storage sources.

The nature of the data loaded and processed in the SAP HANA Data Lake could be of type non-SAP, sensor data, IoT … still connecting to typical SAP and non-SAP data like harmonized masterdata, available in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

SAP tooling (here: DB-Explorer) & non-SAP SQL-tooling can be leveraged to connect and create the according SAP HANA Data Lake artefacts incl. the HANA Cloud virtual tables to provide a single access layer from the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud perspective.